Doggie Products 5 Best Waterproof Full Body Dog Coats – Buyer’s Guide

5 Best Waterproof Full Body Dog Coats – Buyer’s Guide


Dog coats prevent doggies’ fur from rain, cold, and dirt when they are outside the home. It is important to put a coat on them inside home also in winter. They look very cute wearing colorful coats. Dog coats are available for different types of seasons. So read this article carefully and know the best selling waterproof full body dog coats available online.

Dog coats are a great way of ensuring your dogs are warm. A waterproof full body dog coat ensures your dog’s body and legs are kept clean and dry. Some dogs don’t like getting too wet and muddy. Having their legs covered and their body is an excellent way of making sure they enjoy getting out. However, bringing them into these things isn’t that easy. Dog coats with Legs look like long johns for humans, but on your four-legged friend, they look even funnier.

Does My Dog Need a Coat?

Many dog breeds do not require a coat, primarily covering their feet. Huskeys, for example, is excellent dogs for all weather. These dogs are used in the snowy weather to pull sledges, so why would you coat them in the UK?

Smaller dogs, such as Dachshunds, generate their warmth but struggle when on walks in the winter. Getting a nice coat that wrap around the body and legs ensure these small dogs keep their bellies warm. Dachshunds tend to get very cold and wet tummies on their walks. These coats are a great way of protecting them.

Waterproof full body dog coats are another excellent alternative for keeping your dog dry. Check out our page here.

Keeping your dog dry also prevents your house from becoming a little bit smelly from damp, wet dogs. This can get in your carpet and sofa fibres. Over time it can become very smelly and uncomfortable for guests.

 5 Best Waterproof Full Body Dog Coats

Finding the perfect coats for your doggie is not easy as there are so many. We have found the best waterproof dog coats here, but finding the best full-body dog coats was even more difficult.

These five coats provided below will help your doggie remain dry all over the body and legs (except feet). If you are looking for any dog coat, please feel free to browse and make your mind up. We want to show you the best brands and the best to choose. It would be best if you did the measurements etc., for your doggie.

1 DogHelios Thunder-Crackle Dog Helios Waterproof full body dog coat

Excellent, superb and unbelievable. These are just a few words that describe this amazing coat. A perfect winter coat that provides warmth and dryness across your doggies whole body. If your dog likes going out in extreme weather conditions, this coat is perfect.

The DogHelios Jacket is a unique, high-quality design that helps keep any doggie comfortable whilst running or walking.

Some of the key features of the DogHelios

  • Waterproofing: A second to none waterproofing and a self-heating system
  • Reflective: Piping around the outside is reflective, helping your doggie be seen at night.
  • Comfort: The inner layer for your doggie is an anti-static fleece that helps your dog move around without irritation.
  • Weather: resistant to all weather conditions. Your doggie will remain warm during any temperatures and severe weather.
  • Colour / Sizes: Available in 5 sizes to suit most dog breeds from Extra Small to Extra Large.   You can also choose from 4 unique colours.

Great insulation.
Fits most doggies perfectly.
Reflective Piping for extra visibility.
Several Colours to choose from.


Zipper does break quite quickly, which has been reported several times.


Doggie Design Ruffin It SnowsuitRuffin It Full Body Dog Coat

If you want to make your doggie stand out from the crowd, then this is it. The Ruffin It Snowsuit will keep your dog Warm, Comfortable, dry and above all else looking FAB-U-LOUS.

Some key features of the Doggie Design Ruffin It is;

  • Design: To keep your doggie comfortable and warm no matter the weather. Lined perfectly inside with a thick fleece for additional comfort. The outer material is made from a superb water-resistant fabric
  • Features: Removable hood with zipping is easy to use and remove. Using the hood is excellent for doggies who want to keep their faces dry.
  • Ring: On top is a nice little lead ring that helps attach a simple lead whilst the doggie is wearing the jacket.
  • Colour / Size: Available in 3 simple colours and sizes from extra small to Large. Ensure you measure your doggie before purchasing to ensure you get the right size.



Looks Great and Fits Well.
It Keeps Dog Warm.
The fleece is Comfortable and Soft.


Sizing issues as fits smaller than labelled.

Touchdog Quantum-IceWaterproof Full Body Dog Coat touchdog

As with all these Full Body Dog Coats, the Touchdog provides waterproof protection in all weather conditions. Again, the Touchdog offers comfort and warmth for your doggie when it matters. The Touchdog is also fantastic value for money.

Like most of the Waterproof Full Body Dog Coats we have reviewed, the Touchdog has all weatherproof. Comfortable to wear and move around and visible day and night.

The Touchdog withstands strong winds and heavy rain to ensure your doggie remains warm and dry.

Built into the coat is a slit to allow your doggie’s harness to ring through to ensure the lead connects correctly. There is also a nice little zip that helps keep the jack safe and secure/  This is on top of the Velcro closure to prevent doggie fur from being caught.

Sizes are from Extra Small to Extra Large, and four unique colours to choose from. Your doggie will look amazing in this coat.


Looks Great and keeps the doggie warm.
Great insulation.
No restriction to movement.


Legs on coat are not long enough for larger dogs.
Zipper reported to be made poorly and breaks easily.

Kailian Full Body hooded Coatkailian Full body Waterproof Dog Coat

Something a little different to the other coats. The Kailian is a warm, comfortable jacket covering the whole body and front legs, but not the rear legs. In Freezing, the doggie could feel the cold, but it is still a great coat. Your dog will still love this coat in cooler winters or wet weather and feel protected. Even though the rear legs are not covered, the skin is still designed well enough to keep your doggie warm and comfortable.

To fasten the coat, the simple snap buttons help keep the coat snug and comfortable on your doggie whilst also allowing comfortable movement.


Thick and Durable.
Very well made and comfortable coat.


Some reports of sizing issues with the coat.
No Back legs, so not a pretty full-body coat.

5  Hurtta Slush Doggie Combat Suithurtta waterproof full body dog coat

Finally, we came across the Hurtta Slush Combat Coat. A perfect design for a raincoat and a comfortable bodysuit for much larger dogs.

Ensure you measure your dog as accurately as possible to ensure you purchase the correct size.

With a comforting waistband to ensure a perfect fit, the Hurtta Slush is an excellent, durable, water and weatherproof dog coat.

Visible night or day, the reflective piping helps protect your doggie in all conditions. Choose from 3 unique colours and a selection of sizes. No dog should go without.


Easy to put on and take off.
Keeps the doggie very dry in all weather.
Looks and feels very well made.


Some reports of sizing issues with the coat.

Things to Consider when Buying Waterproof Full Body Dog Coats

Full Body dog coats are fantastic. If your doggie loves being outside in any weather, you need to get one of them. They will keep your puppy a lot dryer than without meaningless showers/baths for your dog.

However, as with everything, there are several things you need to look out for to ensure you get the best coat for your doggie.

Cleaning:  As with any coat, dogs’ coats will get dirty. Dogs are closer to the ground, so rain & mud will flick up from the bottom when they walk or run. They also love to explore, sometimes in the worse conditions. Being able to wash your doggie’s coat easily is a must.   Machine Washable coats are always the best and help prevent a manual cleaning job. Most machine washable coats will not be placed in a dryer, so always check the washing instructions.

Warmth:  being a coat, your doggie needs to remain warm and comfortable. Insulation is necessary for any fur, and our reviewed skins have cosy mobility. Moving quickly in a coat and not being irritated is how a dog coat should feel for your furry friend.

Visibility: If you walk your doggie off the lead, you need to ensure they are visible to everyone in all conditions. All our full-body dog coats above have clear reflective piping. This is perfect for wandering doggies to see other walkers and traffic if they walk near a road.


Choosing waterproof full body dog coats for your dog is not easy. There are plenty to choose from. We could have put the Top 100 on here, and that still wouldn’t be enough. We have kept the list nice and short to simplify things for you. We didn’t want to make this post any more difficult with a vast array to choose from.

Each coat has its unique style and comfort, but the choice is yours throughout everything. We wanted to give you a bit of insight into our top picks and why.