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As mentioned in many other articles, being outside with your dog is the best experience for you and your pooch. Bonding and exercising in the great outdoors is an awesome way of keeping your mental health in check and your well-being up.   Unfortunately, not all dogs are well behaved when out and about. I like Rupert. If your dog barks at or is scared of everything, your walk can be less enjoyable. Also, stopping your dog from pulling is difficult if you haven’t trained your doggie properly.

Pet accessories are readily available in many different places, and most provide various types of walking and support products such as leads, harnesses, collars etc. Slip leads are also widely sold in the pet industry, and we wanted to discuss these in more detail.

Like Dog Shock Collars, which we reviewed here, Slip Leads are very controversial.   Let us look at why people think they are inhumane.

Why do Dog Owners think Slip Leads are Cruel?

Many different aspects of dog training can be seen as cruel by many different dog owners, compared to others thinking they are correct. For example, Crate Training can be deemed inhumane as locking a doggie in a cage is not ideal. We trained Rupert in a crate because he had been mistreated in his early years, and his training was much more difficult.

Cruelty to animals is not always as simple as “You should do this, you shouldn’t do that”  All dogs are different, and some require more training and tighter measures than others.

Shock collars are the only things we can think of that is pure and straightforward. CRUEL! They shock your pet for bad behaviour, which is downright disgusting, and we believe they should be banned.

What Exactly is a Dog Slip Lead?

Slip Leads

Slip leads help train your doggie to remain close and not lunge/run forwards. The loop on a slip lead goes around the dog’s neck and gently tightens should your dog try to misbehave. Although they generally are a loose lead /collar combined, the tightening is deemed dangerous to your doggie. Animal shelters/kennels use them to move dogs around to prevent the dog from escaping.

Why Are Slip Leads such a Hot Topic?

When dogs lunge, it is because they have seen something they want. OR because they have seen another animal, they wish to chase and show who is dominant. With a slip lead, as your dong lunges forwards, the collar around your dog’s neck tightens. This immediate discomfort to your dog is what is deemed as inhumane.

The quick sharp punishment your dog receives can also be dangerous and cause damage to the throat, neck, and spine. If your dog is an aggressive lunger without notice, this can also become fatal and crush your dog’s windpipe. Be warned. These should only be used in extreme circumstances / if you feel extremely comfortable with your dog and walking.

These don’t always reduce pulling, but generally speaking, your dog will learn that they receive pain and will stop when pulling.

Are there any positives with a Slip Lead?

100% of these leads have positives. Dogs who are already well trained to walk alongside you can benefit from these as they feel more accessible. The loop is loose around the neck, so they don’t feel like they are on a lead. They also train your dog not to pull on the information quicker due to their pain when they do.

Slip Leads are made from thicker materials to keep strong and secure around your hands and your dogs neck.

They also come with Anti Choking (as pictured above), allowing for much safer use.

Should I Start Using a Slip Lead?

Unless your dog is well-behaved and walks by your side already, I would say no. Your dog should have been trained from an early age to walk with you. If they currently don’t, then don’t bother. You will harm your dog by using this now.

Suppose you have a very well behaved dog that ignores its surroundings and animals nearby and just walks nicely, then absolutely. You may find this is more comfortable for both of you and your walks become even more enjoyable.

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