10 Best Portable Dog Travel Beds – Suitable for Camping

Doggie Tools10 Best Portable Dog Travel Beds - Suitable for Camping
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Going on trip with dog sounds wonderful, but sleeping without bed could have been difficult for them. Generally dog couch bed or elevated beds are not foldable and portable. Here, we present best portable dog travel beds for your pet. You can use it in home and carry on a trip for your puppy. Now nothing can stop you from taking your dog on a vacation with you.

For anyone that owns a dog knows that going out or on trips, your dog(s) is usually the first decision. Do we take him or don’t we?.  If you are going to a park, for a walk or even on a road trip, taking your dog with you makes the whole experience much more enjoyable for you. Your dog will also appreciate the additional time spent with you rather than being left behind.

We have taken Ralph and Rupert on many road trips with us. Whether it be out to the park, caravan holidays walks in the mountains and even just to friend’s houses. They love it. They love being around us and our two boys so why shouldn’t we take them. As mentioned in our previous post, travelling to new locations or staying somewhere different can cause your dog to be a little anxious. Keeping all the family together does help reduce this anxiety.

If you are staying in a dog-friendly hotel/caravan place then taking your dog’s bed with you is a must. Sometimes, however, taking the bed might just not be possible, especially if camping. Owning one of the Best Portable Dog Travel Beds will really help reduce carrying load AND space in the car when travelling.

Getting your dog used to a dog travel bed before you travel is a great way of keeping them calm and comfortable. Use it in your lounge or wherever you rest at night. Let the dog lie down or sleep on it through the day. This gives them that sense of comfort and will ensure when you do travel, they know this is their comfort zone to relax.

Portable Dog Travel Beds are great for camping and outdoor activities with your dog. They are also a great way of ensuring your dog has somewhere dry to lie/sit. A lot of these Portable Dog Travel Beds can also be rolled out / opened in a dog popup tent, making them even more dry and comfortable.

With so many dog beds and portable dog beds to choose from we wanted to try and narrow the choice down to our favourites. We have reviewed several travel dog beds and looked for size, weight, durability, portable, price and comfort.

Choosing the Best Portable Dog Travel Bed

With so many beds to choose from it can be difficult to find the perfect one for your dog. You want to find a bed that is comfortable and lightweight making it easier to carry around. Also, a waterproof bed is the most obvious to choose especially if using the bed for outdoor activities such as camping.

Here are 5 requirements to get the perfect Portable Dog Bed;

  • Lightweight
  • Durable / Portable
  • Waterproof
  • Cost-Effective / Value for Money
  • Easy to Clean

There are also different types of Portable Dog Beds to choose from;

  1. Travel/backpacking Beds
  2. Inflatable Beds

We have reviewed the beds under these different categories below. You may just want to dive straight into the inflatable ones but be warned if your dog likes to dig a soft spot to get comfy, Ralph does this, then your inflatable dog bed won’t last too long.

With both the Travelling and the inflatable beds comes a nice little carry bag for you to easily store the bed whilst moving or travelling to your location. These save on storage space and are a great way of ensuring your dog’s bed is with you. In some cases, owners allow the dogs to carry their own beds, where possible. This again takes the strain off you. Always make sure though that your dog is able to support this extra weight – this is mainly for larger dogs that have their own backpacks too.

Best Portable Dog Travel Beds

1 Helios BackPacking BedHelios portable dog travel beds

If you are a keen backpacker and want to ensure your dog can come with you then this bed is for you. The Helios Backpacking bed is perfect for hiking and setting up camp anywhere. Wind and Waterproof materials make this bed an outstanding addition to your camping trip.

The bed supports Hot and Cold temperatures as it stores heat in the cold and cools your dog down when it’s warm, like a dog cooling mat. Another cool feature is that the bed can be unzipped and made into a large bed so your dog can enjoy more space OR be wrapped like a sleeping bag. If you were to purchase more than one then you can simply connect them together via the zipper and cover a much larger surface.

The carrying bag has a very strong nylon strap and is simple to carry around with you where ever you go.


Suitable for All Weather
Acts as a Cooling Bed if Too warm
Combine More than 1 to cover a large space
can be used as a sleeping bag
Nice and Simple Carrying Case


1 might not be enough if you have a large dog


Check Price On Amazon

2 RUFFWEARRuffwear Large Portable Dog Beds

Ruffwear is a well-known company in the Dog Travel world. Whether it’s backpacks or dog travel beds they are made of the highest quality. The material used in the Ruffwear bed is made from Polyfill which helps keep your dog nice and warm and extremely comfortable.

Underneath is a superb quality polyester that is highly waterproof and prevents any dampness from seeping through. This Ruffwear bed also rolls up nice and tight for a snug fit into the nice little carry bag it comes in. Finally, the main surface of the bed is a super-soft easy-clean microsuede. Comforting for any dog to lie on and sleep on.

The bed is approximately 1 inch thick and comes in 2 sizes. Although this bed is superb quality and popular bed it does come at a slightly higher cost than other beds on this list. Not for dogs that eat, chew or drag their beds around everywhere, it’s too expensive for that.


Easy to Clean


Quite Expensive


Check Price On Amazon

3 Chuck ItPortable Dog Travel Beds by ChickIt

When looking for the perfect portable dog bed the Chuck It bed came up many times. This bed is a great camping bed as one side of the bed is extra warm which is perfect for cold weather. The underside is extremely waterproof and perfect for cold surfaces and outdoor colder weather. Internal padding is separated into small pockets to ensure the bed remains warm, comfortable and in shape after lots of usages.

The price of the Chuck It bed is superb and very affordable.


Simple to Wash and Dry
Provides Great Warmth


Do not tumble dry – hang out using the loop and air dry


Check Price On Amazon

4 KURGO10 Best Portable Dog Travel Beds - Suitable for Camping

Camping beds come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Kurgo has provided an amazing dog bed that rolls uptight and is small enough, like a sleeping bag, to carry around. The material used top and bottom is extremely waterproof and allows for camping in ALL weather conditions including wet and muddy floors.

The bed comes in 2 sizes, medium and large, suitable for all dogs from small to large. For comfort, the bedding is 4 inches thick and super comfortable for your dog.


Super Thick for Comfort
Great Price
Rolls up Tight


Not Great for Snuggly Dogs


Check Price On Amazon

5 SportPet Waterproof BedSportPet Portable Dog Travel Beds

WOW. The SportPet Waterproof bed is simply amazing. Folded away very nicely into a carry case style, the SportPet simply helps you carry many things and not just the bed. It even has pockets for smaller items such as toys.

The bedding is made from full waterproof material helping you ensure that your dog is dry and safe when out camping or hiking.

The outer cover is easy to remove and machine washable helping you keep clean and help for a long-lasting bed.

From Small to Large dogs, this bed is a great addition to your camping trip although can be difficult to carry if you already have plenty of other things. The carry case can only be handheld and not carried on your back thus taking up one of your hands. This however does have its positives as you can put food/toys/treats and accessories in the bag to save space somewhere else.


Machine Washable
Folds up Into a Carry Case


Takes up 1 hand instead of Backpack style


Check Price On Amazon


Inflatable Travel Dog Beds

1 HELIOS AeroHelios INflatable Portable Dog Travel Beds

We start in the inflatable range with the Helios bed once again. Finding the right balance of comfort in a bed as well as a perfect weight to carry the bed around is challenging. A thicker more padded bed becomes extremely heavy and difficult to carry around making your hike shorter and less fun.

As this is an inflatable bed the padding of the bed depends on the amount of air-filled. Once you are ready to move on and carry the bed again, remove the air and the bed can be rolled up small and light enough to carry around with no fuss. Another amazing feature is both sides of the bed are waterproof making it comfortable for the most fidgety dogs.

Available in 3 colours and for your choosing and a reflective lining so the bed is visible at night. The 2 sizes available help for larger dogs as well as small and medium-sized dogs too.


Air Filled Padding
Both Sides are Waterproof
Wipeable for Easy Clean
Reflective Lining Visibility


Not Chew Resistant so can pop if your dog chews a hole


Check Price On Amazon

2 Lightspeed Self Inflatinglightspeed inflatable portable dog travel beds

WOW – A self-Inflating Bed, really? Absolutely.  Lightspeed’s self-inflating bed is as simple as twisting the nozzle. Depending on the level of comfort you wish to have in the bed depends on how much air you need to put in. The bed inflates to 2 inches thick when fully inflated.

Simply release some air if you wish to make the bed softer then simply release some air back out. The Fleece material is soft and simple to clean as it is machine washable. Another fantastic feature is the material is puncture resistant and waterproof. The bed also rolls up so small and tight that it becomes light enough to carry around using the straps included.


easy to Inflate
Easy to Carry
Chew and Puncture Resistant


Although it rolls up other beds are lighter


Check Price On Amazon

Best Elevated Beds

1 Carlson Folding BedCarslon Pet Folding Bed

Larger dogs will benefit more from the Carlson Folding Bed. Providing comfort and support for much larger dogs this bed takes up very little room when not in use. It does stand at a nice 7 inches tall off the floor. This height is perfect to ensure when your dog is lay down they do not touch the floor.

This bed can go everywhere with you as the folding design helps reduce the space required to store. The carry case included helps when hiking to carry the bed although due to the size the bed is heavier than others.

This affordable bed offers a lot of comfort and support for larger dogs without taking up too much room when collapsed. This bed stands seven inches tall, which is high enough for a lot of sag under your dog’s weight, reducing pressure points. The fold and go design makes it easy to take this bed almost anywhere in the conveniently included carrying case.


Great Price for its Size
Can be used as a permanent bed
Easy to clean
Add a Blanket for Additional Warmth


Quite Narrow


Check Price On Amazon

2 Coleman Folding Cotcoleman foldable portable dog bed

Trying to find a medium bed on stands can be difficult. Looking for one that’s not too heavy or too firm and uncomfortable. Colemans Folding Cot is a perfect example of a great comfortable bed that can easily be stored away. It also keeps your dog nice and cool with the mesh fabric.

You can take this bed anywhere with you as the collapsible frame makes it easy to carry.

The bed raises a nice 7inches from the ground leaving enough room for air to travel underneath and keep your dog cool.


Folds Flat
Keeps Dog Cool with Mesh Centre
Easy to Store Away


No locking mechanism to stop the bed from collapsing


Check Price On Amazon

3 Paws & Pals Elevated Bed10 Best Portable Dog Travel Beds - Suitable for Camping

Finally, we have the durable Paws and Pals elevated bed. This reasonably priced bed can hold dogs weight up to 120 pounds. Superb lightweight materials are used for this model to ensure the bed is breathable and kept lightweight. The frame of the bed is high quality and to prevent the feet from sinking into the ground, the plastic covering on the feet will do just the job.

Cleaning is simple and the frame and materials are washable should any dirt get on them.   Wipe clean or hose down and the dirt will come off. Scrub the bed if required.

The fabric can be removed from the frame if required using the Velcro attached. The bed can remain together when packing away, this saves you time having to regularly take apart and put back together, you can simply remove it from the carry case and unfold ready for use.


Suitable for extremely large dogs
Great Support and Comfort
Easy to Store Away
Folds Away in One Piece
Easy to Clean
Great Price
Durable and Waterproof


When received as new there is a chemical smell that can be off-putting

Check Price On Amazon

When Should I Use a Dog Travel Bed?

Good question. Dogs can be very specific on their sleeping arrangements so buying the right bed is key. Using their sleeping blanket or bed from home is not the best idea as they won’t be great outdoors. Having a bed just for travelling/hiking is a great way of protecting the bed at home

Here are a few things to remember;

Travelling is stressful for everyone, including dogs. “have I got everything?”, ”What else do we need?” are just a few things adults will say before travelling. For dogs, it’s the fear of the unknown. It is always best to make sure your dog is familiarised and surrounded with things it knows. Having 1 travel bed that you use EVERY time you travel is a great way of giving your dog that understanding of where you are going. Also taking a familiar toy will help reduce and stress and anxiety they may have.

Training using a travel dog bed is the same as a normal bed. You need to pay close attention to the dog behaviour. You have to ensure that you be patient and train your dog with a travel bed outside as that’s where they will use this bed the most. There’s no point in confusing your dog and training them inside.

Comfort is a key part of your dog when using a travel bed. Sleeping outside for anyone is a very different experience and for dogs, this is no different. They must be comfortable to ensure that they are not disturbed by the great outdoors.

Cleaning your portable dog travel bed is an absolute must. If the bed is not easy to clean then it’s not worth buying. When you are outside your beds quickly get dirty and if not cleaned regularly can quickly deteriorate and become useless costing you more money.


Buying any Portable Dog Travel Beds should be a simple decision if you think about what would you want in a bed? Comfortable, Durable and Portable. Three elements to any travel bed should always be considered. We have tried to find the best portable dog beds that have the best value for money. Whether they are elevated, inflatable or a normal portable bed.

Portable Dog Beds are great for taking your dogs with you and ensuring they have a comfortable sleep as you do. Practising in your garden first is a great way of training your dog to sleep outside. Sleeping outside is very different to inside as there are far more noises than you are aware of. This can distract your dog regularly so ensure they are trained before you attempt camping.

We find the Helios products to be of the best quality and value for money and would highly recommend any of the Helios products.

We always want to provide the best review with the best products to help support your decision. We always recommend doing your own research, but we hope this review provides some insight for you.

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