5 Best Elevated Dog bowls – Buyer’s Guide

Doggie Products5 Best Elevated Dog bowls - Buyer's Guide
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Getting a perfect bowl for your dog can be quite a cumbersome process, especially if you are the owner of a large furry baby. Investing in elevated dog bowls for large dogs is not a luxury in spite of popular notions. Instead, more and more large dog owners are opting for elevated dog bowls for the comfort of their furry babies while they eat.

One of our best and most loyal friends are our dogs. So why not ensure our huge ferry friends are healthy by investing in elevated dog bowls for large dogs. The designers of these bowls had functionality and health in mind when they created these bowls. To find the bowl that is most suitable for your dog, you need to consider what type of dog you have.  Sometimes an automatic feeder just doesn’t cut it.

If you do have larger dogs as well then you will need to ensure your dog food is kept stored well. Do you require a bowl that is bulldozer proof for a Mastiff or will something more elegant suffice for your gentle but giant horse… I mean Great Dane? These fantastic elevated dog bowls will keep your dog’s food dry, clean and away from insects and rodents but most importantly, the health benefits that go along with having an elevated dog bowl for your larger dogs.

Elevated Dog Bowls

Don’t you simply adore your pet dog? You want to give your dog the best, don’t you? Then why settle for the normal bowl to feed him? How often have you seen your poor canine get uncomfortable while eating his dinner? Many times, right? Time to change then! It is time to gift your doggy with elevated dog bowls. Elevated dog bowls have been proven even through research to be very good for dogs.

There are numerous benefits to using elevated dog bowls. To begin with, they protect posture. Yes, it is not only us humans who need a correct posture. Dogs do too. If your dog is older, then even more so! So, imagine how comfortable the dog will feel without being forced to lean to the front? Thus, this can be accounted as one of the biggest benefits of elevated dog bowls.

Coming to more, these feeders also help in better digestion. Eating from a raised bowl will help in smooth and easy transport of the food material into the stomach. Hence, even digestion will occur easily, resulting in a greater and better release of energy so that your pets can be very active! An elevated dog bowl also releases stress from the wrist area of your dog. Even the hips and shoulder area are helped. Thus, these help in maintaining a good muscular physique of the body of your dog.

When you look to buy an elevated dog bowl for your pet, there are a few things that you should bear in mind like height and capacity. Six inches is the ideal height. For small dogs, it can be brought down to four inches. Ideal capacity will depend on your dog. See how much he drinks in one go and accordingly, purchase the new, raised bowl. You can get bowls that range in capacity from 2 cups to 16 cups in volume.

Be sure you get the right material for elevated dog feeders. Easy to clean, rot-resistant, and lightweight should be your criteria here. These bowl feeders come in one to three bowl capacities. You can choose the two-bowl feeders for your dog so you can give food and water together. It is also ideal if you have two dogs. If you have a big dog, you can choose elevated dog bowls made especially for them. You should also be extremely careful about the durability of the elevated dog bowls.

Once you keep these factors in mind, you are ready to purchase the one that suits your budget! Go ahead; give your lovely dog elevated dog bowls!

Best Elevated Dog Bowls – Top 5

The Bowl for the Messy Eaters/Drinkers – The Neater Feeder Dog Bowlbest elevated dog bowl

The Neater Feeder is a fantastic bowl for larger dogs who are a bit on the messy side.

Pros – The elevated dog bowl is perfect for larger dogs as they don’t have to bend over as much. The bows have sides and a backing that traps in the escaping food and the spraying water when your dog is drinking and eating, which means your floors stay clean. The backings and sides are removable for easy cleaning.

Cons – The feeder is a bit bulkier than most as it has the extra backing to trap the food in.

The Bowl for Traveling Dogs – The Bergan Double Bowl Feeder5 Best Elevated Dog bowls - Buyer's Guide

If you and your huge dog love to travel, then the Bergan Double Bowl Feeder is the perfect solution for you. The removable legs allow you to easily pack this huge bowl into a tiny space for easy transportation.

Pros – The bowls and legs are removable for easy cleaning and travelling. When set up, the bowls are 15” which will keep your dog’s food clean and ensure comfortable feeding for your dog and the prevention of stomach twisting. The two bowls are great for differentiating between kibble and moisture foods and can take 2.75 quarts / 11 cups of dog food. The bowls consist of stainless steel materials for extended durability.

Cons – Dogs that are extremely aggressive at the bowl will be able to tip it.

Bowls for the Eager – The Baron Durable Bowl5 Best Elevated Dog bowls - Buyer's Guide

If you have an insanely hungry or overly eager large dog then the Double Barron Bowl is perfect for you. This elevated dog bowl for large dogs is designed for durability and steadiness for even the toughest of dogs.

Pros – Very durable tube steel construction that can be used outside. The feeder is 10” high for easy dog feeding and prevention of stomach twisting. The two stainless steel bowls are easy to remove for cleaning and are completely rustproof. They can contain 3 quarts of food and is a good solution for serving water and food together or separating kibble from moist foods. The design is appealing and very simple.

Cons – The feeder is quite large and takes up a lot of space, so it will need to go somewhere where there is lots of room.

For The Indoor Giants – The APetProject Food Server and Storage Box5 Best Elevated Dog bowls - Buyer's Guide

Is your dog an inny? Then this is the perfect solution for you. The Storage Box is designed to match most kitchens for a well-finished look and is manufactured from durable non-toxic materials.

Pros – It is easy to assemble and provides your dog with comfortable feeding at a height of 15” to prevent stomach twisting or choking. The feeder is sturdy and the twin stainless steel bowls are easy to remove for effortless cleaning. The bowls can contain a lot of food and water and measure 7.75” xc 2.375”.

Cons – The closed storage box can be difficult to clean on the inside should food liquids spill inside.

Indoor and Outdoor use – The OurPets Café Dog Feeder 5 Best Elevated Dog bowls - Buyer's Guide

The OurPets dog feeder is perfect for its movability. The sturdy plastic structure is ultra-light for easy cleaning and movable convenience.

Pros – It is a great solution for large dogs and supports their natural structure at 16” high feeding. The twin stainless bowls are easy to slide in and out of the structure for rustproof and durable use. You don’t need to reach as low to the ground when serving dog food and can lift the entire structure at ease for cleaning or removing dog feed instantly.

Cons – Water dishes are not large enough for huge dogs that venture outside all day.

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