4 Best Dog Flea Collars – Buyer’s Guide

Doggie Tools4 Best Dog Flea Collars - Buyer's Guide
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Fleas not only affect your pet’s behaviour and health but also multiply in number quickly and have the ability to spread from your dog to your house and other pets also. Through proper Dog flea treatment we can get rid of the fleas from dog’s body and make it stop scratching its body. Flea combs, dog flea collars help a lot in getting rid of fleas.

Active, Outdoor dogs generally have the highest likelihood of getting fleas.  Ensuring you have the best dog flea treatment is something you might want to start thinking about if your dog is always outside, in fields, regularly.

Finding out your dog has fleas is not a pleasant experience for you or your dog.  Not only do they bite but they also spread horrible diseases.  Dealing with fleas at the earliest opportunity is a must as they could leave your dog in a seriously ill condition by passing eggs into your own bloodstream or your dogs.  If you have a dog, then make sure you get the best flea treatment available and our reviews below will help with that.

4 Best Dog Flea Collars - Buyer's GuidePremium Baltic Amber Dog CollarThe Premium Baltic is made from the best Amber materials5/5
4 Best Dog Flea Collars - Buyer's GuideBayer SerestoThe Bayer Seresto Collar has led in the dog flea collars category4/5
4 Best Dog Flea Collars - Buyer's GuideScaliborThe active ingredient is deltamethrin, which acts as an insecticide3/5

Checking For Fleas in Your Dog

Many of you may think that fleas can fly, this is not true.  However, they do have a huge jump and will easily move from floor to animal in one swift move.  As soon as they find their home on your dog, they begin to lay eggs and multiply in the thousands.  Within hours your dog will be the home to a whole colony of fleas and ultimately spread into your home, bed, cat or other pets.

The main sign that your dog has fleas is regular scratching and/or chewing its own fur.  Fleas are so small that they are hard to detect.   The worse thing about this is if you DO see a flea on your pet then that potentially means your dog is already covered and by now they will be all over your home.  Although adult fleas are the biggest, they are still extremely small and sometimes flea droppings can be mistaken for fleas.  The best way of finding out is by using a flea brush and combing your dog thoroughly.  Although flea droppings and dirt can look very similar, you will need to work on how to get rid of them.Dog Flea Comb Treatment

The general rule of thumb;  use the flea comb over a plain white sheet or piece of paper (an old sheet) and let the droppings/dirt fall onto that.  If your dog is covered you will see the dirt and flea droppings fall onto the sheet.  Once this is on the sheet, use a small amount of water to check the colour of the dirt.  If it is red then this is a good sign as the blood the flea has collected has actually turned into droppings.   Do this regularly to prevent fleas in your dog and your home.  A flea comb is a good effective dog flea treatment that everyone should try to help

prevent fleas in your dog.

Is a Dog Flea Collar the Best Dog Flea Treatment and How Does it Work?

The Best Dog Flea Collars that we would recommend have acaricide and insecticide on them.  This is released slowly over your pet and reacts with the fur.  By using the natural oils in your dog, the collar will get to work slowly removing any fleas and ticks.

Some of the cheaper collars only use Gas.  These collars do not cover enough of your dog’s body to work effectively.  These are not really recommended as the better collars will quickly eradicate fleas whereas the cheaper collars only remove some and not all the fleas/ticks.

How often / long should a Dog Flea Collar be worn?

Generally, a dog flea collar should be worn all the time if your dog already has an infestation of fleas.  However, if the idea behind the collar is to prevent fleas then you would not need to wear the collar all the time.  The packaging on all these collars comes with reasonable guides and instructions on the use of the collar.

The chemicals in these collars are extremely safe for anyone around but are always best to store safely in an airtight container or bag.

Dog Flea Collar – PROS

When searching for the best dog flea treatment, dog flea collars and drops stand out.  Many dogs do not like taking tablets or do not like having drops applied.

Dog Flea Collars are a simple effective way of ensuring your dog is safe from fleas and ensure you don’t forget their treatments – as I do sometimes.  Fitting the collar is as simple as fitting a normal dog collar and your dog will be fine with this.

Dog Flea Collar – CONS

Although fitting a flea collar is like a normal dog collar, they are a little rigid and do tend to break.

Always check the labels and descriptions before buying as your need to check the collar is suitable for the age of your dog.  Furthermore, if your dog is pregnant then you need to seek advice before using/purchasing a flea collar as this may not be a wise choice.

Dog Flea Treatment – What to Look For

When looking for the best dog flea collar, the size of your dog is important.  Dog Flea Collars, for example, come in many different sizes to suit all sizes of dogs.  With a large flea collar comes a larger dose of flea treatment.  There are also special puppy collars for younger dogs.  These must be regularly checked to ensure that the collar fits the puppy as they can quickly outgrow the collar.

The quality of any of the best dog flea treatments is highly important, this is just as important in the collars.  The more active dogs will need a durable collar that fastens more securely.  Cheaper collars can break easily and become expensive as they will need replacing regularly.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on New Born Puppies

Dog Flea Treatment changes as your puppies grow older. Before you know it your little furry friend becomes a young adult. The best way of controlling fleas is by ensuring that the pregnant mum takes regular flea preventative products. This will help keep fleas off the young puppies. Vets will be able to advise you on the best one to use.   When your puppy becomes older and passes 12 weeks old then the more common flea treatments can be used, but you need to check with a professional before use.

Flea combing is a much safer way to remove fleas from young puppies. Using the more popular flea treatments is not safe. Daily, gentle combing will ensure the safe removal of fleas. Regular bed changes in the whelping box and a quick hoover around the house will ensure no nesting happens. Remember; always empty the hoover as fleas can be sneaky and escape.   Believe it or not, if your dog becomes extremely infested, this can be fatal.   Fleas take blood away from the skin and if too much is taken away then your dog will become anaemic.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Puppies up to 12 Weeks Old

Capstar flea removal is a great product that can remove fleas in just 30 minutes. If the fleas are visibly jumping from your puppy then Capstar will help control them. It works by quickly attacking adult fleas and affecting the nervous system. Capstar is great to quickly remove fleas so you can get to a vet for some proper treatment as it only lasts for up to 48 hours.

Undersized puppies or newborns should be treated carefully as Capstar can cause some side effects. Ensure you seek proper veterinary assistance if you are unsure.

Give Your Puppy a Flea Bath

Flea baths are a great idea for puppies that are completely infested. Usually given to puppies under 6 weeks old and it is highly recommended to use only Vet Recommended products in a flea bath.

Initially, start with the puppy’s neck area – this is the best way to prevent fleas from reaching the ears eyes and mouth. Scrub thoroughly to ensure the area is completely clean and free of fleas. Afterwards, proceed to wash the rest of the puppy. Back, belly, tails and legs.

Once washed, you can use a doggie hair dryer and/or towel, to try your puppy. Keep your puppy warm and ensure they are dried through, this will prevent any sickness bugs from occurring.

What Treatments are Needed at Eight weeks and older

After 8 weeks old, your puppy can start to receive prescription flea treatments. Frontline is a great spray flea treatment that can be used on puppies above 8 weeks. Great for controlling Fleas and Ticks.

With more than 2000 different types of flea, it is difficult to find which treatment is best. Finding out the source and the type of flea is only the start. Fleas cause all sorts of problems such as anaemia and other allergies.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the Best Flea Spray Treatments

What are the Symptoms of Fleas in Puppies?

As you would imagine, fleas are very itchy. This can cause your dog to go a little insane with scratching and biting. Flea dirt can be mistaken for bits of soil or garden dirt but should be cleaned immediately. When cleaning you will notice the colour change to red which is because the flea dirt is digested blood from your puppy.

Puppies that try and deal with fleas on their own quickly cause more damage. They will scratch and scratch and in time end up full of sores and even more fleas. Fur can quickly begin to fall out and bald patches appear due to excessive biting and scratching. Dogs that have many allergies can quickly become extremely itchy after 1 single flea bite.

How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

Some dog owners are reluctant to use products on their dogs for many different reasons, especially when treating fleas. Even vet recommended products can be frowned upon. If you are a dog owner that would rather use Natural Remedies then continue reading.

Below are some tips to help get rid of fleas naturally from Home and from your Pet.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally from Your Dog

  1. Flea Bath: Organic Shampoos in a nice warm bath will really help kill off the fleas. Completely smother your puppy with the shampoo and leave the set for a few minutes before rinsing. Once rinsing, you will notice the fleas and dirt drop off.
  2. Secondly: Apple Cider Vinegar: Reducing your dog’s PH levels is a great way of getting rid of fleas. Fleas love high PH levels which cause them to bite and nip regularly. By using the apple cider vinegar mix, your dog’s PH levels will reduce and prevent fleas from attacking again.

How to make your own Mixture:

4oz Warm Water
6oz Apple Cider Vinegar
¼ tsp of Sea Salt

Add to spray bottle and shake well.

Complete cover your dog with the spray with extra attention to the underbelly. POINT TO NOTE: AVOID EYES AND FACE.

  1. Finally – Flea Comb: Once completely dry, run over your dog with a flea comb removing excess flea and flea dirt.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally from your Home

  1. WASH, WASH and WASH: Beds, blankets, clothes, cushions. Anything your dog touches, WASH IT!
  2. Hoover: Do this every day to ensure that any fleas/eggs are lifted before they get a chance to start hatching.
  3. Steam Clean: Initially once a month as the heat generated from a steam cleaner will help to eradicate any additional problems from fleas.

If you regularly follow a strict cleaning routine you will quickly see the flea infestation reduce to nothing. Remember, fleas can be picked up from anywhere but can take forever to get rid of. Natural products can be just as good as prescriptions, however, will need more of your own time.

How to Choose the Best Dog Flea Collar

Did you know that Flea Collars still exist as one of the best dog flea treatments around?  No?  Me neither.  If your dog is struggling with an infestation of fleas then this could be the best dog flea treatment for you.

Flea collars have been used for many many years for all pets.  These collars are created with chemicals that are released to help prevent fleas on your dog.  Dog Flea Collars were invented back in 1964 and are still selling very strong today and being used regularly as the best dog flea treatment available.

Since 1964 many other products have been created such as drops/spot treatments, tablets and pull and sprays for your dog and your home.  Buying one of the Best Dog Flea Collars, like any other product, have their pros and their cons but they are a great accessory.

Best Dog Flea Collars

Let’s keep this very simple and view the best dog flea collars available and help you quickly find the best dog flea treatment available.  Let’s face it, the more I write, the worse the fleas could be getting.

1 Premium Baltic Amber Collar for DogsDog Flea Treatment COllar

When researching for Dog Flea Treatment I came across these amazing Best Dog Flea Collars and this Baltic Amber Collar stood out to me.  This beautifully handcrafted collar uses high-quality raw amber to provide nature very own protection of your dog from fleas.  This collar is a great alternative to any of the chemically infused collars that are available and also provide a great look for your dog.

The Premium Baltic is made from the best Amber and Balti Secret thrive on producing the highest quality, handcrafted, amber gems.

Within the Amber, there is a substance called ‘terpenes’  This aroma is produced when the collar and fur meet and create friction.  The aroma then repels the fleas away from the dog and protects it at all times.  The amber also produces a static effect, this also works as a repellant as a type of electric shock to the fleas that your dog cannot feel.  This alone makes this collar the best dog flea treatment money has to offer.  At such a great price, you cannot go wrong.

Simple to fit and comfortable to wear, the collar comes with a firm clasp that will easily fasten.  The collar is reasonably lightweight so as not to be too heavy for your dog and are very difficult to break.

Buying this product is definitely the right choice but always make sure you measure your dog correctly.  For a great fit for your dog, 1 – 2 fingers should fit behind the collar once on.  Check the sizing guides to make sure you purchase the right size as the amber collar comes in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all dogs.

2 Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for DogsDog Flea Treatment COllar

People generally expect a flea collar to be the cheapest best dog flea treatment available.  In some cases they are right, but in truth and with most things, the more you pay the better the product.

The Bayer Seresto Collar has led in the dog flea collars category for a long time so it is not a surprise it is here.

Dog Flea Collars are a great accessory for preventing fleas in the first place, but other treatments might be worth exploring if your dog is already infested.  This collar is a great preventative collar and works as a great dog flea treatment, helping to prevent fleas.

Reading all the reviews on the products available, they are very mixed.  This collar is one of the best sellers on Amazon but the cost is far greater than the previous Amber Collar.

3 WOLFWILL Dog Flea & Tick CollarDog Flea Treatment COllar

WOLF WILL Dog Flea collar releases herbal essential oils of the citronella and eucalyptus.  These oils are non-toxic and cause no irritation.  This helps your dog to rid of those pesky fleas and pests that are living in their fur.  Keeping this collar on your dog for long periods of time will massively help the reduction in fleas.  After 7 – 10 days you will start to see the results.

This collar provides great protection against fleas and ticks and is full of healthy ingredients so as not to harm your dog, even if pregnant.

Always remember, when putting this collar on your dog, that there is at least a 2 fingered gap between dog and collar, this will ensure it’s not too tight.

4 Scalibor Dog Flea Collar4 Best Dog Flea Collars - Buyer's Guide

Anti-parasite Anti-tick & phlebotomus flies

The active ingredient is deltamethrin, which acts as an insecticide, a parasite deterrent and repellent all at the same time.

Effective on fleas for 6 months and ticks for 4 months.

Do not use on puppies under 7 weeks old or cats of any age

This Dog Flea Collar is a difficult one for us as it’s an unknown brand but has some very positive reviews.  This French product is highly recommended by the French and has had some amazing results.

As with any of the best dog flea treatments, you still could find fleas on your dog However, this has been found to have more positive results and clearer dogs.









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