5 Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solutions – Buyer’s Guide

Doggie Products5 Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solutions - Buyer's Guide
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Regular usage of dog ear cleaning solutions can help prevent the infection and cure it completely. This is ideal for dog breeds that are prone to ear infections such as Golden Retrievers, Beagles, Poodles, etc. as they have more floppy ears. Although the internet will tell you about several homemade ear cleaning solutions, go for a vet-approved one.

All dogs have super sensitive, super-strong hearing. One quick way of testing their hearing is by rustling a bag of crisps in another room OR opening the dog food cupboard. They will soon come running. Dogs hearing is so important to them and your safety. Checking their ears should be as regular as you check and clean your own. Cleaning them is very simple but may require 2 people. Using a trusted and vet recommended dog ear cleaner is a great way of ensuring your dog’s ears are cleaned effectively and reduces the cost at a vet.

Identifying dogs that are struggling with earwax is also quite simple. Dogs will find it irritating and constantly give a little shake of the head. By constantly I mean it can happen that often it gets annoying. If this happens, check the ears, then clean them.

We found Pro Pooch to be the best dog ear cleaner as it was simple to use and works almost immediately. Ralph and Rupert both had a phase of struggling with the ears and shaking of the head. Once we used this a few seconds of full head-shaking occurred then a scratch, but the irritation stopped.

Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solutions

Pro Pooch Vet Recommended Dog Ear Cleanerpro Pooch Dog Ear Cleaner Solution

Pro Pooch for us is an absolutely brilliant product that works almost immediately. This cleaner is 100% safe and recommended by all veterinarians. Made from 100% completely natural ingredients it is a must product for all dog owners.

When reviewing all the dog ear cleaning solutions we looked at reviews and WOW. Pro Pooch has a huge number of positive reviews. This is down to how effective the ear cleaner is PLUS the amazing value for money.

The 100% natural ingredients used to make this amazing product are free from many harmful products such as peroxides, enzymes and steroids. This ensures the ear cleaner is completely non-toxic.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is as important as much as your own. For dogs, it can be very irritating to have dirty ears and start to cause stress and anxiety. They can also, eventually, end up with a nasty yeast infection which can make for a long and painful journey with the vet.

Pro Pooch is trusted in the UK and recognised and recommended by veterinarians.

Pro Pooch is so sure their product is the best that if you are not satisfied with the product then you can simply contact them for a refund. That gives you a 100% guarantee on this product.

Terms like Miracle and Outstanding are used when describing this ear cleaner.

Initially use the ear cleaner twice for the first day and then once a day for the next 2 days and you will notice the difference. Your dog will stop shaking his head, scratching his ears and become a much happier dog. Again.


100% Natural
Extremely Effective
Lifetime Guarantee
Great Price



Alternate Dog Ear Cleaning Solutions

Pets Purest Dog Ear Cleaner pets purest dog ear cleaner

Pets Purest Ear Pro is a fantastic dog ear cleaner that works quickly and efficiently. Another 100% natural product that helps dog itchy ears and shaky heads. It is also free from cruel unnatural ingredients.

Pets Purest works with all breeds of dogs of all ages. It is also a good price that helps keep the vet bills down.

All the dog ear cleaning products are easy to use, especially if you have 2 people but can be applied with 1 person. Some of my friends use the Pets Purest product and have found this has helped quickly remove irritation in their dog’s ears.

The first time using the product immediately relieves that irritation however, just because you see improvement after 1 use, that does not mean to stop. You should use all dog ear cleaners for at least 3 days in a row to help fully resolve the irritation.

If you are wanting to ensure those vet bills are kept to a minimum when cleaning your dog’s ears regularly is one way of doing so. Pets Purest Dog Ear Cleaner is a proven way of reducing mites, wax and irritation in your dog’s ears.


100% Natural
Easy to Apply
Instant Recovery
Customers and Dogs love it



Epi-Otic Dog Ear Cleanerepioptic dog ear cleaner solution

Epi-Optic is another dog ear cleaning solution that is light on the pocket and loved amongst its customers, dogs included.

As with the Pro Pooch and Pets Purest, you can use the Epi-Optic cleaner on all age dogs. Plus its PH Neutral, alcohol-free cleaning solution will help prevent a yeast or mite infection in your dog’s ears.

Epi-Optic is perfect for dogs with extreme earwax and helps remove unnecessary smells with the disinfectant.

Old dogs of any size tend to have more issues with bad ears and infections. If left for too long, mites and yeast infection can occur and this then turns into a bad smell that isn’t comfortable for anyone.

Putting the dog ear cleaning solutions into your dog’s ears sometimes can be very difficult, especially if they’re very irritable. 2 people will really make this easier, however, you must have some patience. Once the treatment and solution are in, your dog will feel the benefit and this will make future applications easier as they understand what you are doing.


Super Effective Ear Wax Remove
Easy to Apply
PH Neutral
Customers and Dogs love it



VetIQ CleanerVetIQ Dof Ear Cleaner

Sticking with the non-toxic ear cleaners, we have the VetIQ Dog Ear Cleaner.

VetIQ have produced something very different from other dog ear cleaning solutions. Applicators in most dog ear cleaning solutions are hard plastic that can be irritable on its own without the ear wax issue. VetIQ have a flexible and soft applicator that helps for comfort when applying the ear cleaner solution.

The Natureal ingredients included in the VetIQ Solution include Neem Oil which is highly effective against fungal infections. It is also effective against other parasites/mites.

A lot of dogs hate having their ears cleaned. They will wriggle, shake and sometimes hideaway. This can be caused by a previous bad experience with a plastic applicator. The soft applicator in this product really helps you be able to be quick, efficient and really hit the spot safely. Being able to get deep in some dogs ears is essential for a good clean so having this comfortable applicator really helps.

As with most dog ear cleaning solutions, the solution breaks up the wax and allows for a simple and effective wipe with some cotton balls

One downside of the VetIQ is the fact it is quite oily. This can leave residue behind as it cannot be wiped easily. It also has an unpleasant smell so it is essential to try and remove ALL the residue if possible.


Gentle and Effective Solution
Soft and Comfortable Applicator
Simple to Use
Customers and Dogs love it


Very Oily and Can Cause Smells and greasy Ears

CBROSEY 5 Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solutions - Buyer's Guide

CBRosey Ear Cleaner is super effective in preventing those bad odours in your doggie’s ears. Omega Pet is a superb, award-winning brand, supported and loved by veterinarians. Full FDA Approval and 100% all Natural Ingredients.

As with most other dog ear cleaners, the CBRosey will clean and deodorise the ear canal, break up the wax and allow for a very thorough clean. Ensuring your dog’s ears are cleaned will help prevent foreign bodies from causing further problems in your dog’s ears. The pointed nozzle helps you get deep into your dog’s ears and clean deep down the canal.

1 use of the ear cleaner will help you notice a difference in your dog’s behaviour. Using for a few days should eradicate any issues. Use regularly (once a week or fortnight) to help maintain your dog’s cleanliness. CBRosey also includes a light watermelon scent that helps remove the bad smell from the dirty ears.

You won’t need to use much of the CBRosey product as the concentrate works really well. It also wipes up quickly to help remove any residue. Larger bottles are available but do cost quite a bit so might be worth sticking with the smaller one. As you don’t need to use much it should last a while anyway.


Quick Relief
Working Solution
High Concentrated Solution


Very Expensive in Larger Quantities

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